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Having a romantic getaway with that special someone in your life may be one of the greatest events you will ever experience. If you are planning to have a weekend rendezvous with a loved one, or just a night out on the town, it is critical that you select a location where you can both relax and enjoy each other's company at the same time.
One of the most romantic places on earth is the Paris, the city of love. Many lovers have succumbed to the magic of this place and ended up getting hitched. Pick a hotel or inn with a balcony overlooking the famous Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars, and a marriage proposal would surely be on its way. For lovers who just want to enjoy the scenery, a stroll down the Seine or a quick bite at one of the outdoor cafes is just the ticket.
If you are a flamboyant lover like Elvis, then what better way to spend quality time with your loved one than a trip to the flashy lights of Las Vegas? This desert city has seen countless pairs and even famous movie stars ending up in their chapels. Whether they ended up together forever or splitting up in a few hours, who knows... and who cares anyway? This city of never-ending delight is sure to delight anyone, young and old alike.
For those who wish to stay out of the lime light and prefer the stillness of nature, the Napa Valley in California is the place to be. Famous for their delightful wines, the area is also a haven for tourists who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city life. Cottages are available all-year round for those who want to relax and commune with nature.
San Francisco may be a bit low-key, but the area also offers a few romantic spots. Whether driving across it or viewing it from a distance, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most stunning bridges in the world. The bridge may sometimes be surrounded by fog but this only adds a touch of romance to the experience. Lombard Street in San Francisco is also a must-see; it is called the world's most crookedest street, and it is also one of the steepest. Flanking the road is a bevy of floral array which adds to the charm of the area. The Fisherman's Wharf is also a famous tourist attraction, not only for Buchner couples but even for singles. The varied collection of vendors and tourist shops are a delight to the senses.
It may not be famous yet, but you would be surprised to know that Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in a log cabin in Kenya. The recent engagement of the famous pair made headlines all over the world, but little did they know where it all officially started. The log cabin is located in Lake Rutundu in Kenya where the couple spent what could only be assumed as the most romantic night ever.

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