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When it come to building a house, for most people it will be the single biggest footprint that you will ever make in this world, so here 5 ways to make that footprint a little bit smaller.
*Bamboo-- has made it's way to the top of the alternative flooring choices. Bamboo is also used for fencing decking even plywood sheets are being produced. Bamboo is a grass and quickly grows back after it is cut, as every lawn owner knows.
*Native Stone-- Foundations and walls can be built with stone or rock. Find the closest source of rock, a local quarry or better right off your own land. The savings is in the short transport.
*Log Home-- I built my own by collecting dead standing trees for around my town. I put up a sign that said "Wanted dead standing trees" and Holzhaus ├ľsterreich if the tree could be used then I would fell and deliver them to my home site. eventual I had enough to build the house.
*Yurt-- These are round canvas houses. They can be considered temporary and therefor fall under less stringent building codes. This would be a great alternative home for a place like Hawaii, yurts are known to be safe in earthquakes.
*Cobb-- Cob or cobb is a building material consisting of clay, sand, straw, water, and earth it is also inexpensive. You can use it to create walls with windows, seats, alcoves and more. To make Cobb subsoil is mixed with straw and water. The earthen mixture is applied onto a stone foundation to form the walls in courses and packed down.

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