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There are many occasions in our lives that hiring a limousine can improve. Once you've decided that you'd like to hire a limo, for whatever reason, you may notice that a lot of hired car companies have relatively close rates, which may make the decision more difficult. What else should you consider to narrow down the selection?
Extras! Extras!
The magical ride to and from your special occasion can dictate the overall evening. Depending on the number of people and the reason, the difference between companies usually comes down to the little extras.
Most limousine companies offer a wide variety of vehicle styles ranging from a traditional classic design to elaborate stretch Hummers and Escalades. With a large group, look for a service that offers a Vaughan Party Bus bus or a specified tour around the area you will be staying.
If you have a group that loves music, make sure you can provide your own soundtrack. If there will be children, find out about DVD availability. Concessions are another perk area to consider. Is there a complimentary bar, and what is it stocked with? Make sure the refreshments and snacks will be enjoyed by everyone.
Learn About Their Company
Know the company you will be dealing with. How long have they been in business? How long have they been at their current location? What are their requirements to be a chauffeur? What is their safety protocol?
Thanks to the internet, reading reviews from previous customers can provide insight into the experience you will have. Pay attention to comments made about punctuality, chauffeur conduct, condition of the vehicle, and the overall encounter they had. Make sure you look at a multitude of websites and sources for your reviews. Look at how long ago the comment was made and if they seem to be biased in any way. Is the website affiliated with the business, a competitor or completely separate?
Don't neglect to ask the company for references and follow through with contacting them. A company's choice in references (or lack thereof) can be very telling. When you get in touch with the references, be sure to ask the important questions to understand what your experience will be like.
Insurance Coverage
No one wants to think about the worst, but planning ahead can save your experience. Confirm the limousine company you choose has insurance coverage that fits your needs and requirements. Inquire on the process that takes place in the event of an accident. What type of compensation is offered during and after the incident?
Hidden Fees
While the flat rates among limousine services are similar, added fees and charges can drastically alter the total of the bill. Cleanliness of limo after use, mini bar consumption, and mileage are often factors that can modify the cost. Investigate every possible stipulation that may possibly increase the price, and have the company detail these items before you sign.

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