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NYC may be known for Niagara Falls Limousines its many shopping destinations, night life and famous restaurants but little do people know that NYC people are also into their parks. The authorities, knowing that there needs to be a balance to its concrete jungle image, have done everything right to maintain and retain as much green space as they can in the city. Therefore, the efforts need to be commended. So, if you are going to be here for a vacation with or without bus charter, NYC is more than just a shopping destination, remember that.
Many bus charter NYC tour guides recommend Central Park if they want to ever find some green space but Central Park's not the only gorgeous park, there is always NYC's Greenways. As you enter the park, you will be greeted with the awesome sight of people cycling, jogging, running, skating and even people who are wheelchair-bound trying to live a healthier lifestyle. When you live a hurried pace like the one in NYC, everyone needs to get out and away from the stress of everyday life. The NYC Greenways is also pet-friendly, for your information so, there will always be someone walking their pet dog or playing with their birds in cages, kids having fun-filled day at a picnic and also busy people taking a break from work people-watching.
As the number of people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attacks rise, there is an even more urgent need to be healthy now than ever before. It's good news that New Yorkers are taking alternative methods of dealing with stress to change their lifestyle. Often times, we will find schools, universities, colleges and other societies booking up bus charter NYC rental packages for a day out in parks like the abovementioned.
It is a pleasant surprise to find Bus charter NYC customers booking up buses to go to places like the less known Freshkills Park, a park with more than two thousand acres worth of wonderful green space. Although Central Park is, by far, the more popular park between the two, Freshkills is almost three times larger than the size of the former more famous one. Authorities work hard to restore and maintain the balance within the city by extending the number of activities that one can do here, bringing everyone all types of physical recreational activities. Changes to the park's ecosystem are an on-going project and it was reported that the state will continue to improve the park's facilities over the next thirty years.
As you can see, NYC is more than just endless shopping, fashion and entertainment. Find yourself lost in the sea of buildings and brands? Try renting a bus and head out to one of the many different parks there are in NYC instead.

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