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Ronco rotisseries come from the long line of quality and innovative kitchen appliances and implements. Ron "Ronco" Popiel, is an accomplished inventor of kitchen implements and a salesman too. Aside from the rotisseries, Ronco products also include an electric food dehydrator, pasta maker and quality knives. Ronco once again captured the culinary world when he came up with his counter-top rotisseries. With over forty years of supplying quality and relevant kitchen appliance sets products, Ronco Company has certainly made a name that can be trusted.
There are three categories of the Ronco rotisseries, the compact rotisserie that is perfect for small families, the standard sized for families who'd like to invite friends over and the showtime rotisserie that can accommodate as much as 15 lbs of meat, designed for families who love throwing parties and entertaining. All rotisseries come with a complete cooking kit that includes the spit, a multi-purpose food basket, drip-pan, carving platform, set of food ties, recipe book, dvd and manual booklet, oven gloves and a specially designed Ronco Apron. Some packages even include flavor injectors and a cutlery set. Depending on your needs, there is a Ronco rotisserie perfect for your home.
Ronco is a name to trust when it comes to kitchen appliances and equipment. The company has been cited in Good Housekeeping Magazine and in The Wall Street Journal as a great addition to anyone's kitchen. Ronco rotisseries have also been given the prestigious Best Buy Award by the Consumer Digest, based on its overall functionality, quality and affordability.
With a Ronco at home, you can afford to cook your favorite roasts at home, like a chef. Every unit has top-of-the-line features that will afford you great-tasting, juicy and scrumptious meals. Ronco rotisseries have a preset heating and precise rotation speed that assures you perfect cooking. With its built in timer, a Ronco rotisserie is also a great help for busy moms. You just put in the meat, set the timer and forget about it. The Ronco will take care of the cooking.
One of the best things about rotisseries from Ronco are the energy saving features. You can save as much as a third of your usual energy consumption in cooking because of its heat reflectors and strategically-placed air vents. What's more? Ronco offers their rotisseries in a variety of price ranges, so you don't have to worry about a big investment. You can get a Ronco rotisserie for less than hundred dollars. For the cost of a couple of meals at yor favoreite restaurant, you can own a Ronco. And as the company has complete faith in all its products, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee to all its customers.
Eating healthy meat has never been smarter. With a Ronco rotisserie, you get to cook healthier, juicer and tastier meat. Leave it to the experts to give you the best in cooking.

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