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Women love men who know how to play well. It's important to know the right moves and excel in whatever you do, be it games or reality. If you want to impress a girl with your gaming skills, then you need to prove how big of a 'playa' you are. Given below are six games that chicks would love you for playing:
Scrabble is a classic game that has always been associated with nerds and geniuses. You can use the goodwill of this game to polish your image in your girl's eye, as girls love intelligent men.
It's like a board game that has built-in words and can be played alone, against a computer or a friend. It has easy to use interface and great animations. All you have to do is create words from the available letters and gain marks. The marks depend on the length and placement of the words. This is a fun game that not only kills time but also improves vocabulary.
Angry Birds
This game is popular among both genders. The very unique game has left everyone baffled. It's so addictive, people can play it well even after a night out.
It's defined as a strategy puzzle game, where angry birds have to retrieve their eggs from pigs. In each level, the pigs are sheltered by wood or other materials. The task is to eliminate all the pigs using a sling shot. The birds are aimed towards the pigs to destroy them directly, or destroy the structure that is sheltering them. You take the aim by touch control and hit. The shot depends on the angle and how hard you stretch it.
The game is addictive and is available on almost every device. One of the most famous games today, it can effectively be used to strike the right chord. So, while everyone is playing this game, why would chicks love you for playing it? Because it shows that you are someone who keeps pace with time and not a geek who is still stuck in the Pacman universe.
Flick Golf
One of the most famous golf games on the phone, Flick Golf is truly amazing. There are different courses with different weathers, with the aim to hole the ball. The points are based on how close you get the ball and not how many times you pot it. However, it isn't as easy as it sounds. The game has villains in blowing wind and other factors that make it difficult to achieve the task.
The controls are great and allow you to bend the shot, when needed. The angles allow you to see the course properly and plan your goal. The best part is that golf has always been related to fine gentlemen of superior class. And as much as we know girls - that is exactly the kind of guys they are looking for.
Dungeon Hunter III
Released earlier this year, this game can show your macho image to your girl. Get over the cute spidey and lovely birds; it's time for some real action with the latest version of the game that has better play and graphics.
In this game you play the savior who has to conquer the land from the evil. It's an arena style combat game where you have to kill the monsters to meet the required criteria, and move on to the next level. You have weapons to hit and armors to shield yourself. The game is controlled with touch and is easy to play.
It works in real-time and is so exciting that it keeps you hooked on for a long time. Don't ignore your girl when you're playing it, we know it's hard!
The Amazing Spider Man
The movie is loved by one and all. Kids love it for the action and girls love it for the romance. There's no denying that women love romantic men. You can prove how big you are at heart by installing this game and playing it on your phone.
The game is about Spider-Man fighting evil and saving the world. The story is the same as seen in the movie, and 부스타빗그래프 Spidey is seen saving his love and Manhattan, from the evil doctor. The game play is simple and easy to understand. You have to fight the evil lizard and scientists. Spider-Man uses kicks, punches, aerial moves and web to fight the baddies. Learn the combo tricks to enjoy it even more!
It's your chance to cash in on this opportunity and make the best of it. Download it, play it and get your girl caught in your Spidey web!
GT Racing: Motor Academy
Girls love cars and bikes. It's a given that they'll love racing games too. The latest and one of the most loved Android racing games of recent times is the 'GT Racing: Motor Academy'.
This free to download game has everything that one looks for in a game. It's about keeping pace on the race track and overpowering opponents to be the number one. The main trick is in handling the onscreen controls that are very basic.
All the major car manufacturers are present in the game, with the option to buy more cars. The game has a story mode where you have to get your license to enter the race. The maps are very creative with enough hurdles to make the game exciting.

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