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escort bayanThe city that never sleeps. What more can I say? No more cliche, oke! I keep on wondering how the people eveyday survive. Istanbul is a city that exists out of thousand other small cities and communities. Which way do I have to go? Just follow the people, I would suggest.
On every street, day or night, human beings are gathering around. Walking towards somewhere. I wonder which way they all go?

Although there is so much to see, the best thing to do for a tourist is to stay around the old city center called The Golden Horn. Cause, you don''t want to get trapped in the daily horrifing traffic. Once you stucked, you''re f� Suddenly you start to wonder about other things. You''ll reach another level. While getting stucked in the traffic life passes by. Just like all those thousands of other cars and busses that surround you and pass by constantly in Istanbul.

At a certain moment you start to wonder ''How am I going to survive'' instead of how others are surviving. Big city, big changes, big investments, big cars, kocaeli escort big chances, big thoughts, but small steps. First try to get out of this traffic. Then Inhale, Exhale.

Where to start? Let''s eat first. Get some energy. So many choices. So many foodstores, restaurants and tea bars. So many stomaches to fill. Your feet hurt. Let''s buy a new pair of shoes. Your shirt starts to smell. Let''s buy a new shirt. That''s Istanbul: Is-Tan-Bul :

Just forget her history and her future. Forget East meets West. Forget all her cliches. Just
forget your life. It''s true: The city never sleeps. But, make sure you get YOUR sleep.
Ignore the rest. Throw yourself on the streets, like you own Beyoglu. Like everybody does over there. Don''t try to wonder too much. Don''t try to bring order in this kind of chaos. That way you will only create more chaos. Leave it like that. Mother nature will survive anyway.
Just be happy that you bought so many clothes so cheap. Be happy that you have smelled the scent of the city. Smell the aroma. Be happy that you are not a slave of Istanbul. And be happy that you are able to read this article. That means you have been surviving so far.
IstanBUL is COOL.

It never sleeps. And it never wakes up�

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