Greeting and respect,

Pleased by the Arabs Leasing that apply to you in this book offer of the services offered in the area of leasing.

Company was established through the Arab Leasing in 2009 and has been working on that date in the field of leasing with a focus on vehicles of various kinds and currently owns a large fleet of vehicles leased to several major companies operating in the Kingdom of Jordan and the addition of the cadres of administrative and technical expertise available to it owns across the Arab Leasing a fleet of vehicles required to support the tenants and provide excellent services to them for their choice of companies across the Arab Leasing.

As you are aware, the lease is one of the most appropriate means of funding available to provide the fixed assets of projects, companies and individuals and most flexible in a way reflected in the increased efficiency and effectiveness of various economic activities and keep up with all that is new in the world as a financing depends on the origin and guarantees of such financing and sources of payment of premiums be through the exploitation of the leased asset to the lessee and the lessee without loading the burden of extra cash or limit its ability to use traditional means of financing which are not indispensable to him about the financing of working capital, and so on.

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