Pan Arab Leasing Company was established as an independent and fully owned company of Pan Arab. After many years of building a highly specialized leasing team, as well as a large leasing portfolio.

, Pan Arab decided to spin out the leasing business into Pan Arab Leasing Company in order to provide our leasing customers with even more flexibility, products and services. Today, Pan Arab Leasing is one of the largest leasing solutions providers in the country, and provides all customers with a unique and powerful value proposition for their dynamic and demanding business  needs.

Vehicle Leasing

Vehicle Leasing in Jordan offers a wide range of finance options on new Vehicles and used Vehicles. PAN ARAB provides to customers the best options that suit their personal & business requirements.

Vehicle Leasing is an arrangement where customers hire a Vehicle for a specified period and preset mileage by paying a fixed monthly installment to the Vehicle leasing company who owns the Vehicle.

Benefits of Equipment Leasing:



● 100% Financing- Equipment allows traditional "soft costs" such as installation, freight, training, and licensing to be included in the financed amount. This helps to further reduce initial out-of-pocket costs.

● Minimal Cash Outlay- Lets face it... cash is king! Equipment leasing allows you use of capital generating equipment, without the huge cash outlay associated with a cash purchase.

● Stay Current with Technology- In today's fast-paced business world, the ability to stay one-step ahead of the technology curve is a must! Equipment leasing allows for some of the most flexibly equipment financing terms available, allowing your business to upgrade equipment at set intervals down the road. Equipment leasing will allow your business to better manage cash-flow, while staying current with constantly changing technology.

● Fixed Payments- Given the current economic environment, the luxury of having long-term fixed payments can give you and your business much needed peace of mind. Equipment leasing payments are fixed for the entire term and will not change with constantly fluctuating interest rates.

● Tax Benefits- Depending on your lease end-option, the possible tax benefits that equipment leasing affords can be immense.

Medical Lease:

Medical leasing programs from PAN ARAB can be designed for all types of health care equipments. We can create medical equipment leasing options for doctor's offices, HMOs, emergency clinics and hospitals. Our innovative medical leasing programs cover a wide range of health care equipment and software. With our medical leasing alternatives, we can meet not only all your medical leasing equipment and software needs but all your financing requirements as well.

PAN ARAB Leasing meets the critical needs of medical care providers and well as patients. You can rely on us to develop customized medical leasing and financing solutions, whether you are a large hospital or a small practitioner. Take advantage of our creative medical leasing options and you can conserve your cash and working capital while preserving your credit lines. And you gain a variety of tax benefits and deductions plus the option to upgrade your equipment at any time.

This medical leasing plan allows you to purchase the equipment at the end of the financing agreement, for the nominal amount. For most companies that intend to keep their machines at the end of the lease

We are more than just a medical equipment leasing company. We serve as your partners so you can rely on us to develop customized commercial equipment leasing solutions.

Furniture and Office Machineries:

Call on PAN ARAB for competitive machinery leasing programs including office equipment leasing and furniture leasing.  As a machinery industry leasing leader, we offer fast, easy access to a variety of office equipment, furniture and machinery leasing options, all customized to meet your specific business needs.

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