Custom Marketing

PALC's dedicated marketing department is able to customize your financing documents so your branding is consistent throughout. From your marketing flyers and webpage to your estimating stationary tools and credit documents, your brand and reputation is what is evident and is why your customer chooses you.

Our Vendor Programs include Private Label National Coverage marketing options.
Private Label
A branded resource makes it easier for the customer to buy.
Lease Corporation of America (PALC) is able to provide the following for private-label program options, making the program appear internally managed:

Custom Lease Documents and Rate Cards To enable the private-label program to be seamless, all documentation and promotional materials need to have your company brand on them, which PALC will provide when the program is launched.

Website Content about Leasing PALC has "Lease Option" and "Advantages of Leasing" content, and more to enable you to augment your website with leasing information to inform your customers of their alternatives.

Sales Training is a key element when launching a private-label program and PALC has the training material to help ensure its success.

Special Strategic Program Packages PALC realizes that each business is unique and as a result it is necessary to customize each private-label program to complement the business' existing strategy.

Branded Equipment Proposals Custom equipment proposals are available to enable sales staff to quote sale price with monthly lease price.

Your Corporate Logo to retain the company's branding identity, PALC augments the company logo to incorporate the private-label leasing name.

Any Other Program Enhancements to ensure the program's success, PALC is open to incorporating any other facets into the program.


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